Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SEIU 503 Exective Board Recogintion and Thank You to ODF Firefighters

SEIU 503's Executive Board prepared this thank you for all of ODF's firefighters and supporting staff recognizing their extraordinary contributions during this unparalleled fire season.  I know the thoughts are from the heart and recognition sincere, please accept their congratulations recognizing the hard work and long hours you have given to make Oregon the special place that it is.

Dave Wells

August 28, 2015

Dave Wells, President
Oregon Dept of Forestry
Brandon Ferguson, 
Vice President
Oregon Dept of Forestry
James Neuman, Secretary
Oregon Dept of Forestry

Dear Dave, Brandon and James:

This has been one of the most – if not the most – dangerous fire seasons in recent memory due to the long periods of extreme heat and little or no moisture. It has created incredible risk for many Oregon Department of Forestry members who day-in and day-out must deal with extremely volatile conditions in our forests in controlling fires of all sizes and intensity to protect Oregonians lives, properties and our treasured forest lands. Other ODF members have stepped up to competently assume duties that are needed in support of those on fire protection/suppression duty.

We can’t begin to express the admiration and gratitude due our ODF members for your commitment to service in this dangerous but necessary mission, whether you work the long hours over long uninterrupted periods on the fire lines, or take on the unfamiliar but necessary tasks in support of those on the fire lines.

We are proud to have you as members of SEIU 503, OPEU, as you serve all Oregonians in such dedicated and selfless duty.

In unity,

SEIU Local 503, OPEU, Board of Directors Executive Committee

Rob Sisk            Heather Conroy          Rebecca Sandoval                           
President           Executive Director      Secretary-Treasurer                      

Mike Scott          Linda Burgin                          Rhonda Morgan
Vice-President     Immediate Past-President      Human Services Sector Director                     

Shaun Notdurft                                          Greg Ledbetter
Private Non-Profit Sector Director               Retiree Sublocal Director


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