Friday, January 3, 2014

Local Election Timeline and Other Decisions and Dates in 2014 (to date)

Here is what I have for our Forestry Leadership election timeline and other decisions needed and dates that have been set so far in 2014.

January 13: Nominations to elect the Forestry Local 629 Leadership positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer open.

January 23 1800-1930: Forestry conference call primarily to discuss and decide our position on the unification of SEIU Local 503 and SEIU Local 49.  The conference call number is available from our SEIU Staff Organizer, Timothy Welp at (503) 408-4090 x 434 or Local President David Wells at (503) 801-8468.

January 28 at 1700: Nominations for Forestry Leadership positions close

January 30: Labor/ Management meeting in Salem

February 1 (tentative): General Council meeting in Portland to decide if the unification of SEIU Locals 503 and 49 should be referred to a general membership vote. Automatic Forestry Delegates are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, the alternate delegate is the Treasurer.

February 7: Forestry Leadership candidate statements due

February 21: Forestry Leadership election ballots mailed

March 5: Last date to request a replacement ballot for the Forestry Leadership election

March 14:  Forestry Leadership election ballots due

March 21: Forestry Leadership results reported

April 26: Statewide Forestry Meeting in Coos Bay

August 14-16 General Council, policy setting and budget approval of our Union for the next two years