Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Little Better Holiday, A Good Time to Rest and Repair

What a year, almost 12 months of firefighting, substantial work towards a new Forest Management Plan, and decisions on the Elliott State Forest.  Our work never really offered any of us a break, and it was noticed. I heard that Legislator's were very supportive of the Department's work that you accomplished, a real recognition of a job well done.

If you can, take some time to reflect on, rest and repair those missed days with the ones you care for and cherish.  These are The Holidays, live and share the spirit.

For your Forestry Local, it is a time of rest too, but in a bargaining year that rest is always short lived.  Here are some dates where decisions will be made about your work environment, and as always your Forestry Local Leadership would like your input to help make the best decisions possible:

Labor/ Management, Tuesday, January 6th Salem

ODOT Coalition Bargaining Workshop, Friday, January 23rd Portland

Forestry Local Statewide Meeting, Sunday, January 25th 8-10am Portland

SEIU 503 Bargaining Kick-off, Sunday, January 25th 10 am - 4pm Portland

ODOT Coalition Bargaining, First bargaining session, Tuesday, February 3rd, 5 pm dinner, 6pm bargaining Salem

If you have questions about how to participate please contact any of your local officers.