Friday, January 6, 2017

Tree Falling Committee Commences Work

The Tree Falling Committee, as established during ODOT Coalition bargaining in 2015 will soon commence its work.  During bargaining a differential for tree falling work was proposed, but lack of time to really understand the work involved and different aspects of chainsaw use lead to a letter of intent to discuss it further.  Now the committee, with management and employee representatives from Departments (ODOT, OPRD, ODF) who need skilled chain saw operators will meet to understand the nature, frequency and specific training needed.  

Cassie Bostrom of the Santiam Unit, North Cascades District will be the Oregon Department of Forestry employee representative on the committee.  She brings past experience working for OPRD hanging from ropes clearing trees from the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway and now falls danger trees in campgrounds and clears trees from roadways blocking tree planting crews for ODF.  If you have comments about the Committee’s work they can be forwarded to Cassie directly or through your President.

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