Friday, November 4, 2011

Keeping Our House in Order

I am excited that new leaders have come forth, and have been elected in their work sites to become Stewards. The Steward is not just a title it is an action position. It's knowing your co-workers and being able to provide suggestions when suggestions are needed to help them stay on track for effective and efficient performance at work. Oregon expects that of us.

At Wednesday's (11/2/2011) Labor/ Management meeting our Human Resource Director shared a concise list, in understandable terms, of these expectations. Just as LCES can save your life on the fire line, many personnel problems can be avoided using this list as a guide for your actions at work.

Come to work: Be on time, let your supervisor know if you are going to be late

Be nice: use the working guidelines, respect co-workers, maintain your professionalism

Bring a lunch: Lunches are un-paid 1/2 or 1 hour long, 2 paid breaks per day they cannot be combined, combined with lunch or taken at the end of the day, code your time correctly

Do your job: Know what the essential functions, assigned duties and expectations are

No drugs or alcohol: come fit for work, alert and with full personal protective equipment, we are a drug free workplace, if you have a CDL random drug testing is a federal requirement