Friday, May 27, 2016

Recognising Your Extra Effort During Wildfire Season

These past three fire seasons in Oregon have been tough. Away from home, stepping up to fill in, long hours, maintaining a state of readiness, making sure operations continue unabated and so much more.  The efforts have not gone un-noticed by our Executives with unprecedented recognition days in the past two years.  I thought it would be a good time to provide a reminder of the regular ways you might be recognized.

Work Out-of-Classification (Article 26), states when an employee is assigned to perform the duties of a position in a higher level classification for more than 10 consecutive calendar days, the employee shall be paid 5% above the employee’s base pay rate of pay or the first step of the higher salary range, whichever is higher.  There is more.

Travel Policy (Travel Expense, Article 36.3 A, C), states if an employee is absent from his/her official station and traveling to the fire or other emergency site and stops for a commercially prepared meal, he/she will receive a meal allowance consistent with …. DAS Travel Policy.  There is more.

Standby Duty/ On-Call Duty (Article 34), standby duty is when an employee is required to be available for work outside his/her normal working hours, and subject to restrictions consistent with the FLSA which would prevent the employee from using the time while on standby duty effectively for the employee’s own purposes.  Pay at straight time rate of pay. There is more
On-Call, is when an employee is specifically required to be available for work outside his/her working hours and not subject to restrictions which would prevent the employee from using the time while on-call effectively for the employee’s own purposes. Pay at 1 hour of straight time for each 6 hours of assigned on-call duty.  There is more

These are examples of our negotiated Contract language that recognizes your contribution, direct and indirect, to keeping Oregon’s Forests green.  For more information contact your Steward, Member Resource Center, elected leadership or our Statewide Organizer, Mike Bray.  Be Safe.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Forestry Statewide, April 30th Discussions and Decisions

The Forestry Local held its spring Statewide meeting April 30th in Salem to count election ballots, set goals and make decisions.

The President’s Message focused on saying what you really want, not what you think is possible and then making it happen.  What I really want is employment stability for my State Forest co-workers and a forest that provides sustainable environmental, economic and social benifits.  This is Oregon and we can do things differently if they are not working, and with the State Forest budget heading towards a zero balance in four years, things are not working.  I think there is a different funding way, and I’m going need your help to make it happen.  More later.

Ballots were counted by Jim Neuman, outgoing Treasurer and Mike Bray, SEIU 503 Forestry Staff Organizer.  The large sealed envelope had some real heft, and a thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.  Your new elected officers will serve a two year term and represent your interests at Labor/ Management and at SEIU 503’s General Council.

Decisions made:

Recognizing outgoing officers Brandon Ferguson and Jim Neuman each with a $50 gift certificate.

Dave Wells and Will Bennett were both authorized for up to 5 days of travel (mileage, meals, lodging) to promote membership growth and representation.

Will Bennett is planning on bringing pizza to the Seasonal Meeting at Columbia City on June 13th.

The purchase of 250 insulated (steel) mugs with our Local Logo was approved.

A General Council Resolution (like a law proposal) was drafted and submitted that will charge the Stewards Committee with the creation of training opportunities for Stewards in “remote” locations.  Currently most training is held in Portland, Salem or Eugene and travel can create a hardship for some and a barrier to becoming a Steward that needs to be removed. Thank Will Bennett for the idea.

Next Statewide meeting is October 15, 2016 in The Dalles.  There will be a phone in option.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Forestry Local Leadership All Positions Filled

Seclection of the SEIU 503 OPEU, Forestry Local 629 Leadership for 2016 - 2018 is now complete.  Your Local leaders are as follows:

President: David Wells
Vice President: William Bennett
Secretary: Robert Millam
Treasurer: Dana Tenold

The President, Vice Presidnet and Secretary are our delegates to General Council. Our Statewide Labor/Management committee is made of three members and an alternate so all of your Leadership is generally invited to participate.

A thank you to all those who voted, those accepting a leadership position and outgoing members Brandon Ferguson and Jim Neuman.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

2016-18 Local Officers Elected

Forestry Local Officers for 2016-18 are:

President: David Wells
Vice President: William Bennett
Secretary: to be determined
Treasurer: Dana Tenold

Votes were counted at our Forestry Statewide meeting, yesterday, April 30th in Salem.  A thank you to all those who voted and have agreed to serve as Local Officers. Announcement of the Secretary position is holding on acceptance of the individual who received the greatest number of write in votes.