Thursday, May 14, 2015

State Rejects All Forestry Local's Differential Proposals

Glenn West, the State's negotiation agent, cordially but firmly said no to the Forestry Local's differential proposals on Tuesday evening, May 12th.  The differential proposals had been in the State's hand since March 24th when they were presented to the State from Forestry Local bargaining delegates and we had been waiting for some reply.  A differential is additional pay for work performed or exposure to hazards beyond normal job duties.

The differentials that have been proposed by the Forestry Local include:

Recognizing the forestry employees who are duty stationed at correctional facilities with a 10% pay differential.
Acknowledging firefighters who also are EMT's with a 5% pay differential.
Providing a 5% pay differential to those forestry employees who are also professional engineers.
Assigning a 5% differential to Operations Section personnel working on Type 1 or 2 ICS Incidents.

The next ODOT Coalition bargaining meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 26 beginning at 5:00pm in the Tillamook Room of ODF's Salem Campus.  All members are invited to attend.

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