Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Growing Organic Leadership

Leadership, sometimes it’s bestowed and sometimes grown into. For many members on Incident Management Teams it has grown organically from interest and need, and someone saying yes to be the first called to Oregon’s most complex emergencies.

Food Service Leader, Division Supervisor, Situation Unit Leader, Safety Officer and more, all leadership positions making up the team from those who are wildlife biologists, office specialists, planners and foresters in their daily work. It is pretty special how this group has been able to grow to fill such a critical need.

You may know some of these leaders or others who are ready to grow. Do you plan the summer picnic or winter potluck? Are you the chair of a professional organization or active at your church? When you see a need have you organized others to fill it? These are some of the seeds of organic leadership.

Our Forestry Local is also looking for leaders, Stewards, to fill a need at District Offices. As a Steward you will get additional leadership training to improve your skills and be more prepared to help your co-workers. If this interests you contact me or any of the Local Officers for more information.

Our next Forestry Local Statewide meeting is being held with the ODOT local on May 5th in Lincoln City.

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